Are You Up To Code? NASFAA's Code Of Conduct Outlines Ethical Guidelines for FAAs

Date recorded: Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Duration: 90 minutes
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Did you know that NASFAA offers detailed ethical guidelines to govern the conduct of financial aid professionals? Compliance with our Code of Conduct isn’t just an expectation of NASFAA membership, it’s an opportunity to signal to students and policymakers that we hold ourselves accountable first and foremost.

To ensure compliance with and understanding of the Code, NASFAA's Board of Directors recently confirmed a group of institutional members to serve as the Ethics Commission. This commission is tasked primarily with raising awareness about ethical principles and fielding Code of Conduct inquiries from schools. It will also serve as the deliberative body when and if a complaint submitted to NASFAA is deemed substantive, as dictated through the recently approved Ethics Enforcement Procedures.

NASFAA National Chair Eileen O’Leary, President Justin Draeger, and Ethics Commission Chair Mary Sommers presented the key elements of the Code, explained the genesis of these standards, and discussed why they are so important. 

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Webinar Goals:

  • Participants will learn about NASFAA’s Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles—what are they and how do they differ? How do these standards impact my daily work? How do they protect both schools and students? Is their primary purpose educational or punitive?
  • Participants will learn about NASFAA’s recently accepted Enforcement Procedures—what is the goal of enforcement? What is the process and how can I avoid sanctions? Who oversees the process?
  • Participants will learn about the role of the Ethics Commission—how will they work to educate members and ensure compliance with ethical standards? What happens to members who are found to be out of compliance?


  • Financial aid administrators


  • Justin Draeger, NASFAA President
  • Eileen O’Leary, NASFAA National Chair
  • Mary Sommers, NASFAA Ethics Commission Chair