Standards of Excellence icon"The NASFAA Standards of Excellence review was great. It was great to get affirmation of the things we are doing well and also to learn ideas to help us become even better. The reviewers were extremely professional, competent individuals who helped put you at ease. I would strongly recommend the NASFAA review, it was worth every penny. We have a wonderful road map to guide our planning for this next year."  


"Not only did we gain useful information regarding compliance with federal regulations, we were challenged to rethink the way we do things. The Standards of Excellence consultants performed a very thorough review of our application process, human resources, and facility layout. The end result was a candid summary of our strengths and weaknesses including suggestions for continued growth and development."  


"We were pleased that the review team involved other offices. Not only did they conduct interviews with our staff, they included the staff of the entire Enrollment Management Division as well as the Business Office. This approach was useful in engaging cooperation and building partnerships among the staff. We strongly recommend the Standards of Excellence review to any school. It was well worth the time and effort."  


"Our consulting team helped us improve our procedures and gain support from other areas of the campus. They also confirmed many things that we were doing correctly and complimented several of our processes as 'best practices' for a financial aid office. After the team's exit interview, our vice president stated that he wished that all his divisions had such a good tool."