Retiree Group

The NASFAA Retiree Group (NRG) is a network of individuals who are retired from the financial aid profession and are no longer employed full time in financial aid-related enterprises. Similar in scope to a college alumni association, the NRG operates separate from NASFAA with volunteer leaders and a separate fee structure.

Benefits of membership in the NRG include:

  • Access to the NASFAA website,*
  • Access to an online NRG Directory,
  • A subscription to NASFAA's Today's News daily email,
  • A reduced fee for attending the NASFAA National Conference, and
  • Invitations to the retiree reunions held in conjunction with the NASFAA Conference (every three or four years); additional fees apply.

*Please Note: Retiree benefits do not include access to the AskRegs Knowledgebase or Technical Assistance. If you are doing part-time consulting work and need access to these services, please join NASFAA as an Associate Member, Independent  Consultant (Subcategory C).  


For purposes of the NASFAA Retiree Group, a retiree is an individual who is retired from the financial aid profession and is no longer employed full time in a financial aid-related enterprise. Please note: Retiree Group members cannot be added to the staff roster of any NASFAA institution or organization.


Individuals joining the Retiree Group pay a one-time fee of $50 and a yearly fee of $25 to help with the ongoing costs associated with administering the program.

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