DREAM Act for Undocumented Students

The DREAM Act affords undocumented students the opportunity to become educated and productive members of our society. Nearly all of these students are in this country due to a choice made for them by their parents. DREAM would provide a fair and reasonable gateway to U.S. citizenship for these students.


Read about our research project in partnership with the National Forum for the Public Good to find out how your institution can help undocumented students now. 

DREAM Act Session at the 2011 NASFAA Conference
July, 2011 -- Two undocumented college students share the challenges they had to overcome to pursue their higher education goals after discovering their parents brought them to the U.S. illegally when they were children.
NASFAA Submits Testimony in Support of DREAM Act at Senate Hearing
Jun 28, 2011 -- Leading Senate Democrats and top Obama administration officials stressed the importance of passing the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act at a Senate subcommittee hearing yesterday, but Republican Senators remained opposed to the bill. The Senate Judiciary’s Subcommittee on...
Letter to Senate Majority and Minority Leaders Urging Passage of DREAM Act
Dec. 1, 2010 - Letter from NASFAA President Justin Draeger urging the Senate to bring S. 3992, the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act,  to the Senate floor and pass it.
NASFAA Joins Higher Ed Associations Advocating Passage of DREAM Act
Sept 21, 2010 --  NASFAA joined 25 other higher education organizations to advocate lawmakers to pass the DREAM Act as part of the annual Department of Defense authorization bill.
How Associations Can Increase Undocumented Students’ Access to Higher Education
The National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good documents how associations can help increase access to higher education for undocumented students.
Resources to Increase Access to Higher Education for Undocumented Students
The National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good provides recommendations and resources to help campuses increase higher education access for undocumented students.